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Feb 3, 2013 4:30am PST
. [applause] and mr. kevin [inaudible] >> good evening superintendent, commissioners, i am can i havein trin from the support department and i promise said we would be quick today so my reputation is on the line so we have two programs in the department we are very proud of. yes peer resources. thank you very much for honoring peer resources. they're a great part of my department and also parenting with them is our mentoring for success programs. we have four grants. we had a [inaudible] with the district attorney's office and this is one of the projects we're partnering with the district attorney on. we currently have 640 mentors in the city mentoring 740 students but there are at least a thousand student who is are out there wanting a mentor that we cannot provide one for right now, so with that being said i will introduce three important people for the program,. [applause] >> so we're really happy that you're giving us time to talk about mentoring for success, quite a movement that is happening right now in mentoring and we appreciate the recognition of national mentoring month. we d
Feb 3, 2013 6:30pm EST
♪ >>> hello, welcome to "let's request america." i'm your host, kevin periera. we polled people across the country about a variety of fun subjects, and these four contestants are skyping from home. if they play a perfect game, one of them could take home $50,000. however, it will not be easy because at the end of each round, the person with the least amount of money will be eliminated. tony, gina, nikki, and jeff, are you ready to play? then it is time for "let's ask america"! >>> all right, the first question is worth $100. here are the two possible answers. we have the donut, or co-workers eyes. the question is, what did office workers say has more glaze at an office monday morning meeting? please welcome tony, everybody. what do you think it is? >> when i work at 9-5, the donuts were great, but i had a greater weekend. so i'll say eyes. >> next up, please welcome dina. >> thank you. >> what do you think is it the donuts or coworkers eyes? >> i don't have any donuts, but i have coworkers, and i have to go with coworkers. >> an event planner from california, please welcome nikk
Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
to reinforce that in the kevin colincase that the fact that the department is focused on that and you know, kevin was the same age i was and we both took muni to our school when i lived here in 1984 and i have throughout my whole life had dreams that some day he would be found and a lot of people in san francisco were really upset by that case. and i am so glad, that the department is continuing their work inspector tume and i think that it also there is another case where we do that. we have got paul et brown and her son aubrie was brutally murdered and we are still looking for and trying to be able to bring a case against her assay lent and i know there is a reward for any information this that case and it just reminds me that while we are dealing with what is happening now i am pleased to see the department continuing to be tracking in and putting in an effort on the cases that have gone passed and not forgetting them. i wanted to acknowledge the department for that. >> commissioners, anything further? >> line item 4 d. >> i am sorry >> sure, commitinger turman. >> sorry, the next
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am EST
still has serious boyfriend potential. fox five the reviewer kevin mccarthy talks with teresa palmer who leads >> in the beginning when you are explaining how humans essentially become zombies -- there on their phones all the time so as an actress and dealing with e- mails all the time what is your balance of staying off your phone and the media and to put it aside? 2- i think these days with the onslaught of twitter and social media and the things you can get wrapped up in that stuff and for me i have -- it's another technical thing that i have a website www. warm philanthropy and mutuality and meditation. i do that and go to pilates and yoga. >> under the idea of the mind of everything you are seeing now you may be seeing for the last time. >> if you could watch in one movie the rest of her life what would that one movie be. >> romeo and juliet because if that love story but if action and beautiful purple. and amazing music and colorful and i think it says a lot about society and it's a special movie. >> i think you nailed the american accented this movie. is perfect and i wa
Feb 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
warrant that was issued and served yesterday, i am going over a cold case the kevin collins case from 84 and, the first one that was put on the milk car ton and we had good information that was developed and working with the f.b.i. we got a search warrant and the serve in alamena county allowed us to borrow two of the cadaver dogs, the dogs hit, both of them inside of the premise, and there was excavation done and bones found. and it appears that they are the bones of an animal. and the investigation goes and continues, there are more interviews to be done before we put out any picture id of a person of interest and we have strong suspicion to believe that we are on the right track as far as figuring this thing out. sadly, it may have been too late and the person of interest has been dead since 2008 but nonetheless it might get the family closure if we can figure it out. we will not quit and we will find out what happened. >> that is going to conclude my report and i am going to now pass it over to. the fourth quarter fdrb recommendations. >> i'm curious as to why item number 9 w
Feb 3, 2013 12:30am PST
-apples comparisons to menus. three, in march, the hearing officer kevin day said there is a saturation in downtown already about coffee, and 41 was removed aored as a location because it's too dense our menu is almost exactly the same as subito's and all of my competitors, because we compete with each other. their discretion could not be exercised without a complete set of facts by dpw at the time of decision. 4, there is no bathroom for use. you can't handle money and food. that is part of the health code. it's a health hazard not to have a hand washing simpbetween cashiering and foodservice. the map show twos coffee vendors. subito admitted major disclosures and misled the city. the mobile food facility says the permit is valid om if the applicant has not misrepresented facts. >> jim patrick -- three things the bathroom, parking and side door on the truck. the bathroom has not been approved by the owner of the building as specifically sets out in the regulations in the law. the bathroom is not 200' from where the truck is. in fact, it's about a block and a half. you have to go half a
Feb 3, 2013 10:00am PST
our sunday group. republican strategist kevin madden, nina easton of "fortune" magazine, radio talk show host laura ingraham and former democratic senator evan byah. senator, you served in the senate 12 years, have you ever seen a nominee for a top cabinet post at a worse confirmation hearing. >> he didn't bring his a-game, and everybody would concede this, chuck among them but at the end of the day it will not matter. he'll be confirmed because there is a strong presumption the president gets to choose his own cabinet, unless something disqualifies him from a personal standpoint and, the republicans will vote no, because it an easy no vote and, he gets his cabinet and they get to express their reservations, and, unless there is a filibuster, it would raise the bar but i think he'll be confirmed but it will create heartburn for moderate republicans and in the final analysis i think the ultimate take away is the next time secretary of defense hagel comes before congress or has a press conference he needs to bring the a-game to project the sense of command and confidence people expect
Feb 3, 2013 7:30am PST
-liscious. i would like to thank our team, kevin, rick robbins, moment of all [speaker not understood] for my cto and co-founder. this was a very long, long journey with the city, but we had the help of leaders like phil, mayor lee, jay driving behind the scenes, the efforts for business to work with government. and i think we've accomplished that with this unique partnership moving forward. we're excited now there's cross-department collaboration with the san francisco arts, with the san francisco public art which has now been thanks to sean working late last night, putting the public arts into golden gate park. this is providing access. it's providing efficiency, and it's providing new revenue streams and opportunities for the city of san francisco and other departments. we are really excited to be here and i thank you all again for this opportunity to be able to innovate, to be able to work with the city of san francisco, and have this incredible opportunity to be here at the hatchery launching our application and our company. thank you very much. (applause) >> thank you, yo. so, s
Feb 3, 2013 10:00am EST
llegó la hora de la reforma migratoria. kevin grefrish dijo en una emotiva apelación durante una audiencia sobre el control de armas que llegó la hora, ¿puede el congreso ocuparse de ambas cosas a la vez? >> no hay duda de que el congreso puede abordar ambos temas a la vez, porque son importantes, tenemos que tener una reforma migratoria amplia, el sistema no funciona, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última reforma y estamos pidiendo que emerge un consenso bipartidista. >> ¿será una más fácil que la otra? >> yo sospecho que estamos viendo más discusión bipartidista sobre el tema de migración, que sobre el tema del control de armas, pero creo que sobre las armas estamos viendo cómo los propietarios de armas, la gente que tradicionalmente se opone a los controles diciendo, bueno, si 20 de nuestros niños han sido asesinados por alguien perturbado, cuando es así de fácil el obtener estas armas de alta potencia y estos cargadores que hacen múltiples disparos en un minuto, es más fácil hablar de tener control de armas, control de estos cargadores y realmente ponerle fr
FOX News
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am PST
. kevin madden. nina easton of fortune magazine. laura ingram and former democratic senator evan bayh. you have served in the senate for are 12 years. have you ever seen a nominee for a top cabinet post have a worst confirmation hearing? >> well, chuck didn't bring his a game first. i think everybody can see that. probably chuck first and foremost among them. at the end of the day it is not going matter. elbe confirmed as secretary of defense and because there is a strong presumption that the president gets to choose his own cabinet absent disqualifying from a personal standpoint. nothing like that here. many of the republicans will vote no largely because it is an easy no vote. the president gets his cabinet. the key question is does someone like a senator like ted cruz decide to filibuster. it will create heart burn for moderate republicans. the final analysis the ultimate takeaway for this is the next time secretary of defense hagel comes before congress or has a press conference he needs to bring the a game to project the sense of command and confidence. >> chris: should it matter
FOX News
Feb 3, 2013 3:00am PST
, kevin mccarthy is here next with movie guide. >> like iron man ', baby. i can't wait. >> all right. today is the day for the big game and for some big blockbusters, movie studios have splurged for some high profile tv spots to preview their latest film. i'm super excited about this. what can you expect to see today? >> clayton might explode during this interview. here to give us a sneak peek kevin mccarthy. good to see you. iron man 3, huh? >> hey, i cannot wait. super bowl ads are upwards of $4 million for 30 second spot which is justified considering last year was the television's history's most watched broadcast in the history of television. 100.4 million average viewers. iron man 3. i have to mention this. i kind of miss the surprise of not knowing what spots are going to air. i have to admit that i do go online and i do watch all the spots. i watch them every time. iron man 3, i cannot wait, robert downie jr. jon favreau is not back to direct. this the first two did over $1 billion. they can obviously afford a super bowl ad. i have to say this is my geek out movie of the year.
Feb 3, 2013 11:05am EST
homicide rate. this has helped us tremendously. >> thank you. kevin kelly company -- captain kelley, it appears that you have said that background checks would not work because criminals would not submit to them. i understand that, but they do not have to go through background checks because there are so many loopholes. do you agree that there is nothing that we can do to strengthen our background checks? >> i disagree. there is a lot we can do. the situation that i know best is what happened in tucson, january 8, 2011. jared loughner, the shooter in this case, when he purchased a gun, he purchased it through a background check. but there was a lot of evidence that could have been in the criminal background check system about impact that would have prevented him -- about him that would have prevented him from buying a gun through a background check. that is part of the problem. the other problem is, let's say, he was denied the purchase of the gun, which he purchased in november, 2010. it would have been easy for him to go to again show and purchase one without a background check. -- to
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)